First Church of Christ - Fairborn, Ohio - A Place for You
First Church of Christ - Fairborn, Ohio - A Place for You
First Church of Christ - Fairborn, Ohio - A Place for You
First Church of Christ - Fairborn, Ohio - A Place for You

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From the Minister's Desk


Hello Church family, as I sit down to write this to you I am again humbled that our Lord paved the way for Ellen and I to not only come home but to serve the kingdom with such a caring and loving family of God. I look back at my first day as your minister over three years ago and see the blessings of the Father upon us as we together adapted to this new location and the unique needs of our neighbors. I see the blessings of our Lord in our steady growth not just in number but, and more importantly, in spirit. Together we have faced various trials and adversities as a united body of believers should and the Father continues to bless our efforts to fulfill the mission of the gospel of Christ.

Now as I look to 2016 and beyond I truly believe that our Lord will continue to grow us to be the difference making people our community needs us to be. I believe this because we prayed, pray and are continually praying for the Lord’s guidance upon our work and ministry. I know because we are willingly seeking to do His will; here in our current location or wherever He leads us. I believe in His continued blessings because of the confidence in our future seen in the majority of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who by faith, have chosen new leaders including two new deacons, that we will have the privilege to ordain very soon. We have, by faith, accepted to support a new budget and by faith, have decided to set up and support our ‘Stepping Up, Stepping Out’ futures campaign. All these faithful decisions, in my opinion, tells me that His Spirit is strong in us and that our Lord is pleased with our choices and will bless us to fulfill, to one degree or another, the plans we continue to lay out before His throne.

Brothers and sisters, we have vision. We have a mission and we have set a goal which is very attainable in the next two years and it begins with our faithfulness in our Lord and our willingness to be blessed and be a blessing for the glory of God in 2016. We must work together and not individually. Be accountable to each other and to our God willingly. We must pray together without ceasing. We must be open to the call to serve and by faith step up and step out in service for the kingdom. Then when we do, great things will come as we continue steadfastly in our commitment to each other and to our God through His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ! Will it seem hard at times? Yes. Will it seem we are spinning our wheels to move forward? Yes. Satan will make it feel that way if we allow him access to our lives; to bring doubt in our minds. We are called not to doubt but to trust. So as we approach 2016 I ask you, ‘Do you doubt or will you trust our unfailing, everlasting and faithful Lord for our future?’ Let’s begin 2016 in full confidence that our God does indeed reign and that we are His instruments to shine light into our homes, workplaces, community and the world. May you be truly and fully blessed in 2016.

Keep looking up because He cares for YOU!


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Phone - 937-878-1562

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Office Hours

  • Mon-Tues, Thur-Fr Friday 9-2.
  • Wed 9-1

Sunday Services

  • Sunday School 9:15
    • Nusery provided
    • Children's Bible School (age 4 - 6th grade)
    • Adult Bible School classes
  • Worship 10:30
    • Junior Worship (grades 1-6)
    • Nusery provided

1st Saturday of the month 9-1

  • Free food and clothing give away


  • 1166 Kauffman Ave; Fairborn, OH 45324
  • Close to Wright-Patterson AFB and Wright State University

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Inclement Weather Policy - In case of inclement winter weather, First Church of Christ will follow the lead of Fairborn Schools to determine if the office or activities will be cancelled or delayed. If the schools are not in session we will follow the lead of WPAFB. Please drive safely. Closings or delays will also be broadcast on Channels 2 and 7.


Open Invitation (24/7)

We invite all to come join us each Sunday morning for worship as well as for any of our small groups who meet in and around the Fairborn area during the week. We have A Place for You.  

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